Beginning our new layout in a new home!

The Denver Society of Model Railroaders has moved from our home in the basement of Denver Union Station.  We are just getting started. At this time, we are actively involved in acquiring a new home. We are looking forward to building a new Colorado Midland Model Railroad in our new location.  Please continue to check our website for updates on our new location and layout progress! If you are...
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Orthogonal plan view of the original layout (1935-2011)

During the month of June 2010 the University of Colorado Denver Center of Preservation Research conducted a full 3D scan of the historic Colorado Midland Model Railroad.  On the subject of the Denver Union Station Hotel project we have been granted full preservation of the Midland Route historic model railroad and will be a welcomed part of the historic Denver Union Station redevelopment that...
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Colorado Midland Scrapbook

Meeting of the minds Ron Kieser joined in 1959 at age 16 Officer John Flauding Harry Sherman joined in 1945 Roger Clark working on DCC Ron Keiser and friends in the 60’s Eric Bacchi and Ken Schei riding the Goose Austin DSMR reunion Paul Smith with trusty Nikon Chip Rovetta Bob Packer Current President and Vice President 2013 Eric Bacchi Our usual dinner meeting place for years Chip likes...
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Image Galleries Temporarily Offline

We’ve discovered a problem with our image gallery software and we’re working on a solution and new gallery system. We apologize for the interruption but we’ll get things back online as quickly as possible.
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Historic photos of the layout

1940’s Late 1930’s Late 1930’s 1950’s 1960’s Cabs, 1960’s 1930’s 1950’s 1930’s Roundhouse 1940’s 1940’s yards 1960’s 1960’s narrow gauge 1960's narrow gauge 1960's 1940's yards Roundhouse 1940's 1930's 1950's 1930's Cabs, 1960's 1960's 1950's Late 1930's Late 1930's...
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Welcome to the DSMR

Welcome to the Denver Society of Model Railroaders web site.  Since our Club’s first debut online on October 18th, 2004 we’ve always tried to make our web experience almost as enjoyable as a visit to our location.  We realize that not everyone is able to visit us in person therefore our photo and video galleries help bring some of the model railroading excitement into your home. With...
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